eeeks its 9 am again, rush ,rush, am getting delayed for the office,oops children need to be dropped to school. ah, time for my yoga class. Oh,i Got that Shitty submission today, yaar today is the deadline, yet again am not completing my targets…as the es thoughts and the seconds hand of the clock race ahead….STOP !!!!

As you read this, lets just take a pause in our lives for next few minutes, nothing matters for next 4 minutes, just you and me. Remember those slow motions in movies, now take a deep breath and in slow motion rewind your life as much as you can and try and remember watever you can ( i told you slow motion)…now you might have reached your younger days, may be adolosecent, now a little further away you childhood. am sure you now remember those lanes and their memories where you spend your childhood. your school mates and their funny ways. your colleges and canteens. ok now, pick up a day (from school or college) that you cherish the most…u got 5 seconds.

is it the day that you did your exam very well, or scored great grades or topped the class…NA, its something which by worldly ideologies is STUPID. it could be the day  you  played a great prank on your friend or the day your princi caught you doing stuff that was nonsense or may be just a day when you roamed around doing nothing.

but these STUPID,NONSENSE & NOTHING  things are your most cherished memories…. Are we making the same mistake again???

when in school, getting good grades was the most important thing everything else was irrelevant. today professional ambitions are the driving forces ,rest is irrelevant. do you think it will matter to you 20 yrs down the line??

agreed schooling was important and so are our professional responsibilities, but   remember that they are not ‘THE’ most important fact let me ask you , how many of us are actually into jobs that  we like ?? or how many of us are doing what we had set out to achieve?? . Except for a fortunate few , majority is a resounding NO.

so what do we do,simple, each one of us has a secret (dont tell me u dont). That little poem which you wrote long back, that one click which you had got with your hot shot camera, that one lovely tune on your guitar that you had composed, or one beautiful swimming stroke that you had mastered. guess what , its STILL there inside you, each one of you.

Its never too late to begin, i am told Boman Irani started acting at the age of 44, and what an actor he turned out to be. we all saw what a Pravin Tambe , a 42 yr old leg spinner could do .Jk Rowling’s Harry potter took the world by a storm and yes Rowling was 32 when she penned it down. so go, grab your pen, your new poem is waiting to happen, go pick up your camera, there has never been a better day to shoot, go take one more dive in that pool again.and in times to come make sure these extremely irrelevant important things are not just a part of your past, make sure it becomes your today and everyday.

so no more excuses, get up you lazy bum , make time to do what you always wanted to do. in the hustle and bustle of this life, dont lose the ‘OTHER’ you , the REAL you.