The Rise of the MUFFLER MAN

10th Feb 2015 is one such day that everyone has found a reason to be happy. The phenomenal rise of the AAM AADMI , the common man has made even the biggest of the critics to stop and take notice. But, as I keep looking at the visuals flipping the news channels, I am slowly realizing that this election and its results have given all of us a lesson. We the AAM AADMI, the non political breed can actually incorporate a lot of lessons from these elections in our day to day life. I am ecstatic, that I have got a day in my life, where we can actually take positives and life changing lessons from our political class.This is what I learnt from the great Indian political drama today,

LESSON 1 : Have an Opinion and take a stand

                                                                Rewind a few years back and all we can remember are the shamble that the country was in. Suddenly there comes an uprising that will someday make a good read in history books. An old man and his associates stage a protest which goes on to become a national hysteria. One of them realizes that just protests are not working and you have to enter the system. This little man had an opinion about our system, he believed in it decided to launch AAP.

                                                                                                                In our lives also lot of times we have our opinions but end up either shutting up or taking politically correct stands. This is purely due to the repercussions that we might have to face. We need to respect our own opinions and have the courage to stand up for them, people may or may not agree, but what is correct is always correct.

LESSON 2 : Take that big bold step

Here we have a man who was the Income tax commissioner, took a plunge into political dirt and came out pure. Most of us are ‘ALMOST’ people. We almost did a lot of things in our lives. The fact is , being almost there can ever be the same as actually being there. Time and again we have raised a leg and pulled it back thinking whether this step is too big for me. TAKE that bold first step, it might pull you back initially but might just give you the leap of your life.

LESSON 3 :Take people along,Be a team.

The success of AAP was never possible without the contributions of the foot soldiers or the other members.The members who believed in each other. Success can be bigger when a team looks for it. We need to learn to be a team man first and then when we become the leader the earlier team man will draw the huge respect from his current team. Arrogance and dictatorial nature can never lead to sustainable success.

LESSON 4 : Make Mistakes

We all have been brought up saying ‘Learn from others mistakes’ but we can never grow without making our share of mistakes. If we keep looking at others mistakes, we might end up achieving what they did, but will never explore our own horizons. Go, Try, Fail and try again. Take mistakes as commas and not the full stops in life.


LESSON 5 : Apologize

It cannot be ruled out that when we make mistakes, intentionally or otherwise, we might end up hurting lot of other people. ‘I Don’t give a damn’ attitude is the weakest response. Once you realize, go out and apologize. It might not correct the past mistakes but will help in restoring the faith. Yes it is true, that uttering the word ‘SORRY’ takes maximum courage and only the men of steel have that. 

LESSON 6 : Keep working at the grassroots

Lot of people, irrespective of whether they have succeeded or failed tend to move away from the grass roots. To be continually successful you need to keep working at the grassroot levels and keep trying to gauge the changin g nature of the dynamics at the lowest level. These little changes can bring about a paradigm change in the system.May be this is what the congress didn’t  do, during its 15 years of rule in Delhi.


LESSON 7 : Be loyal and reward loyalists.

Private or corporate jobs are more about switch today. But the age old adage of favouring the loyalist always pays. Imagine the plight of shazia ilmi, poor girl saw an opportunity and jumped, only to realize that she is in the wrong boat. On the other hane a certain Kiran bedi did not go down well with the old party loyalists. In an organization loyalty must be appreciated and appropriately rewarded.coz, u always need the people who know your organizations pulse. 

LESSON 8 : Be Humble

When over the moon, the most important thing is to have the feet grounded. Only someone who has the ability to stay calm under crisis and be humble in euphoria will reach the pinnacle.

LESSON 9: Make a style statement (of your own)

Lot of us try to be somebody and lose ourselves. A muffler  which was joked upon is slowly becoming an icon. A style statement, a piece of cloth that is today highly respected. Be what you are, wear, work and behave the way you want. Once you succeed, the walk , the talk that you made ,everything will become iconic.just be yourself.

Go, Exchange your Girl Child

PLAYYY TIME A lot of times , just a random discussion effects and teaches you so much that you realize how good your life has been or how lucky you are. Having a random discussion with my wife about her friend did exactly the same. A successful doctor himself,he had a baby boy a few years back. All was ok , a happy family till the parents realized that the child was autistic.

once the parents realized, it started a long and lengthy war for them and their child from this condition.for them life was never the same again. considering the negligible number of doctors or hospitals helping such kids in India, fathers routine now involved travelling four hours a day for therapy sessions hoping that they bore the desired results. With not much improvement , its time for some other therapy and so on. life now goes on trying to find the best possible treatment for the child. needless to say the huge expenses and little time for work now will make managing finances very very difficult.The worst part or the bigger trauma is that you dont know whether all this will ever work or not. its just following advices and treatments blindly. Honestly. they dont have a choice.

I dont understand the medical terms or complications but when i think of the parents i end up asking myself, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY WANT??  The answer is simple, they just want their child to walk , talk and behave like the millions of other children in this world. they want him to bombard them with questions all the time. They want him to play , scream and shout and misbehave in the theatres or malls or everywhere. they want him to maker their life tiring but in a healthy way, thats what all they want.

Now to our own lives, whatever i mentioned above, is a norm in our household. how bugged are we at times with our children for the mess that they create at our homes or how embarassed they leave us at public places or for the never ending demands that they have.

The fact is , we don’t realise , how lucky are we to have such troubles at home or embarassments at public places. Ask the parents of these autistic children, and they will barter everything that they have for these embarassments. We got to realise and thank GOD, that we have children who are just the way should be. A happy healthy child is what all parents need.

Its very unfortunate, that those who are gifted with beautiful normal babies find issues like gender of the child or the skin colour. How shallow are we ,when we even think about the gender or the colour or even the star sign of the chlid. Autism, a simple google search reveals that 1 in every 68 children suffer from this disease and how easily we forget that our child could have easily been that 1 child.

I find it very unfortunate that we still have to preach people against aborting Female fetuses or the government needs to implement laws to prevent the killing of the girl child. People, lets just be thankful that the baby is what we expected it to be wthout any surprises from the God.

All those who are bothered about the gender and still take a girl child as a liability, may God give them a baby with special needs, then will they realise how stupid they have been. I dare them to GO, EXCHANGE THEIR GIRL CHILD with a kid with special needs , only then will they know what life can throw at them.

BE THANKFUL , BE HAPPY…….i got to leave,my son wants me to play cars with him. Thank you almighty and please give strength to all those parents who are not as lucky as me.


Junaid Khateeb is a proprietor Of Khateeb Engineering classes in Mumbai.